Chop Shop Media was founded in 2017 after Stanley M.R. Rosario worked himself and his teams to exhaustion doing post-production the brick and mortar way on numerous projects with multiple production companies between 2015 and 2017. Networks and distributors around the world were in a race to produce and deliver 4K HDR content to the marketplace and after 2014 Stan found himself working and innovating 4K UHD workflows almost exclusively. It was in 2016 that he and his team was tasked with the impossible goals of delivering 70+ hours of 4K UHD/HDR content to distribution networks throughout the globe without the budgets and manpower to do so. It was during this process that he, his team, and his tech-development partners invented the hardware, software, and workflow to completely change the way video editing could be done. Now, Chop Shop Media is a virtual post house with world class editors around the country.  
Stanley M.R. Rosario
Chop Shop Media
Founder // PReditor
 Stan is an industry proven professional with a wide-range of experience in production, post-production, live events and broadcasts. Breaking into entertainment through Mixed Martial Arts, he went on to work extensively in Action Sports, Travel Adventure, Reality TV, Documentaries, Brand Marketing, and Social Media Content. Growing up in Hawai’i exposed him to a variety of cultures which enables him to view the world through multiple perspectives and his fluid outlook continues to inspire his craft as a director, producer, and editor.

Developing UHD workflows for narrative series and independent features, he quickly realized that technology must be leveraged in order to unleash the creative power that can best serve the growing media marketplace. In December 2015, while working a televised live event that required immediate editing and rebroadcasting, he conceived of Chop Shop Media and visualized transforming the way video editing could and should be done. Now his Cloud-based remote post-production team is a reality and possibilities endless.
 Matthew Hickney is a natural born storyteller and has been filmmaking for the majority of his life. In 2009, he released his first self-produced feature length film, a documentary titled; ”Walking to the Cage" to critical acclaim and several awards on the festival circuit. It landed on HULU where it lived for seven years. For over a decade, he has worked extensively as a Shooter/Editor crafting finely tuned narrative and documentary cinema for Television and Film. He has played several different roles on a variety of content ranging from Writer/Director of award winning independent short films, to Producer of field segments on shows broadcasted to millions of homes, often working with some of the biggest networks/studios in the world. 

He loves filmmaking, especially helping others achieve personal and business goals through the creation of fine cinema. An experienced "Preditor" with a demonstrated history of success in the Film and Television industry, he can Write, Produce, Direct, Shoot, and Edit often times simultaneously to provide solutions for clients in a variety of professional contexts. He is also a black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu...

Matthew Hickney
Chop Shop Media
Sean Perrotti
Chop Shop Media
  Sean's an energetic and creatively accomplished video editor with a proven track record of managing successful projects. With seventeen years of experience in numerous media industries including television, film, trailers, action sports, advertisement, scripted and non-scripted media for HBO, Red Bull, Netflix Originals, Universal, and many cable and network affiliated television, he consistently meets deadlines and delivers exceptional work. His in-depth professional experience and outgoing personality enables him to bring a fresh style to his edits. 
 Nick Koldenhoven is a seasoned professional with eight+ years of experience focusing on all aspects
of filmmaking. As an editor and producer, Nick has brought countless projects to life with a passion for story telling and authenticity. Technically savy in the realm of post-production, he's very reliable when it comes to implementing and adapting workflows for numerous projects with tight deadlines and is always cool and professional under pressure. Being an outdoor enthusiast inspires the way he shoots and edits and his work in adventure action sports shows it.  
Nick Koldenholden
Chop Shop Media
Brandon Hardin
Chop Shop Media
Brandon is an extremly well rounded and talented PReditor who can cut anything and make it look great. He's trusted to deliver the highest quality edits with a full suite of style and professionalism on a wide range of content whether it be reality tv, drama, comedy,  sports, corporate video or documentaries. He also has great taste in music and recently produced and edited the critically acclaimed feature film "Enlarged to Show Detail 3" that documents the career of alternative rock reggae band 311.

His vast experience in the post-production arena and technical background lead him to jump into the world of Virtual Reality where he's worked with gamers and influencers while creating new post workflows. 
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