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Terms and conditions
1. Unlimited editing per one video at a time.

2. Finished video will be delivered within 2 business days of receiving client footage or within custom terms.

3. Revisions take up to 24 hours or less.

4. Chop Shop moves on to your next video edit only after delivery is approved.

5. Finished videos can’t exceed 15 minutes of runtime unless agreed upon under customized terms. (Custom Plans Available upon request)

6. Raw footage uploaded or delivered from a client can be no longer than 60 minutes per 1 video edit request. If more than 60 minutes is required for 1 video edit then you can add as many 60 minute blocks as you need for that specific video. That's one of the many cost saving strategies of our workflow.

7. If a client has a lot of footage for multiple videos then Chop Shop looks over all the footage and begins editing each video one at a time per client needs.

8. Each video can include basic lower third text chyron, opening/closing text titles, and calls to action.
*All terms and conditions are subject to change as change is necessary for improvement. Thanks so much for considering for your projects. Our team can’t wait to grow your business.*

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