Frequently Asked Questions
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Do I really get unlimited video edits?

Yes. Once you subscribe and become a Chop Shop Media member our team edits as many videos as you need. 

I’m just a small business and don’t have big production footage. Should I still use this company?

Yes. We work with all kinds of footage and projects. Chop Shop Media was founded to help small businesses and people that need professional editing done without paying Hollywood prices. We will even edit your iPhone footage into something marketable.

Can you guys edit my short films?

Yes. Chop Shop Media edits short films as long as your shorts align with our terms and guidelines. If you have a film that is longer than 15 minutes we can schedule a web meeting and create a custom plan for you.

I have a feature length documentary that I need edited. How would this work with you guys.

We love documentaries. Our service is geared more towards short form content. Any videos that need a final cut with a total runtime beyond 15 minutes can schedule a web meeting with us and we’ll see how our team can best serve you.

I have a project that another editor was fired from. Can you help me finish it?

Yes. After subscribing we will walk you through our process. Once we have your project and footage we conform it to our workflow and pick up where your previous editor left off or we can rebuild your project from the ground up.  
Can you guys edit footage shot on iPhones?

Yes. We work with iPhone and other mobile phone footage all the time. In fact, we’ve even used iPhone footage in television shows and feature films. 

My footage is in my own dropbox. Can you edit from there?

Yes. Just share the dropbox link with us and we’ll take it from there. 

This French director shot my photoshoot in PAL format. Are you able to edit this style?

Yes. Editing PAL isn’t difficult at all. Our team works with European specs all the time.

Can you help me? The footage I have is in 5K and I’m not able to watch it on my computer. 

Yes. Once we have your footage we can transcode it for you or edit it raw. We can serve all your post production needs.

Are there any limitations to my edits if I sign up? Like how is this unlimited?

We do have guidelines for our terms of service to ensure our team isn’t being abused. We offer unlimited video editing per 1 video at a time. Once you approve an edit, our team then moves on to your next edit.

Do you guys do website videos that can go onto social media?

Yes. We can create videos for all of your platforms.

All of my footage is on a hard drive and it’s a lot of original camera files that are large. How do I get this edited?

When you subscribe we’ll give you instructions to send your footage to our data facility for processing.

Do you do Real Estate videos?

Yes. We can work with you as a realtor or with your brokerage.

I’m a DP with a lot of footage from the past few years. Can I have my new reel cut?

Yes. We can take your reel to the next level. 

Can I send my sons football footage in to get edited for his recruitment highlights for college? 

Yes. We can certainly help you with highlight videos. Our team has worked in sports for many years. 

How do I upload my footage?

When you subscribe, you’ll be walked through the process step by step and we’ll be editing your content in no time. 

Do you guys have cool transition effects and graphics.

Yes. We use an assortment of original effects and top of the line industry FX elements as well. We also include a text lower third chyron and text titles in our standard subscription. Custom motion graphics can be a custom add on per request. 

How fast can I expect my edits?

We aim to serve our client needs as fast as possible. Our main goal is to get each edit completed within 2 days of receiving footage. Of course content varies and not all videos will be the same. The content and amount of footage each client submits for a video ultimately determines how quick the project will be completed. In any case we work to finish every video within 2 days based on our clients needs and requests. 

I’m a private yoga instructor and I’ve been filming my yoga retreats for a year now. I want to create an online webpage for my classes with this footage. Is this something you can help me with?

Yes. We can edit your videos to your specific taste. If you are asking about a custom private hosting page of your content for your customers we can help you with that as well. 

Do you guys do webinars?

Yes. We can edit and host your webinar content.
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