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  • Stock Footage: Millions of pics and video ensures we get the shots you need.  
  • Music: Tens of thousands of tracks with unlimited usage rights.
  • Consulting: Tailor-made content from shoot to edit.
  • Unlimited Edits: We'll chop up as much footage as you can deliver.
  • Unlimited Revisions: We keep chopping until you're completely satisfied with your video.
  • Graphics: On demand motion graphics at your request.
  • Social Media: We edit videos designed for all of the social media platforms you use. 
  • Data: Our facility is secure and your media never leaves unless requested by you.
  • Unlimited Cloud Storage: We triple backup your media and keep a copy in the cloud for you. 
  • Color Grading: Clean color pass or request a custom look or LUT that suits your need. 
  • Podcast Edits: Your video and audio podcasts are cleaned up and formatted for your platforms.
  • Content Hosting: We'll host your HD-4K videos for you.
  • Leverage Technology 
  • Methodize Workflow 
  • Maximize Output 
**NO RISK** 14 Day Money Back Guarantee!!
___ WHAT
 So You Don't Have To
We take the techno-babble out of the post-production business. Our simplified process ensures you never have to go through the pain of trying to find a qualified editor, hire a company, manage your footage, or process a bunch of invoices. We've figured out how to significantly change the game so that you don't have to spend money on people that didn't figure out how to get things done in the 21st Century.

With our à la carte month-to-month structure and proprietary cloud-based editing
system that integrates with all industry-standard NLE platforms—like Final Cut Pro X, Adobe Premiere Pro, and Avid Media Composer—we can scale projects instantaneously with all standard footage without you ever worrying about going over budget. It's kinda like people and robots being beamed all over the world, just like in Star Trek. Well, not exactly like Star Trek; we just connect you and our awesome editors with supercomputers like nowhere else—so pretty close.   
Content Creation Without Limits
From long-form television programming to short-and-sweet promotional videos you can publish to your website and across all of your social media platforms, Chop Shop Media has you covered.
We are a congregation of industry tried and tested digital-nomad [PREDITORS]. What's a PREDITOR? It's an industry insiders term for the professionals that can do it all, from top-to-bottom inside the game of filmmaking. Writing, directing, producing, cinematography, sound, graphic design, editing—in short, a PREDITOR (Producer/Editor) is a strategic one-man studio. That's the standard inside our editing clan—and each member of our team is on the level. Don't get bogged down by industry bureaucracy. Get your marketing videos done with CHOP SHOP MEDIA.    

Stanley M.R. Rosario
Chop Shop Media
Founder // PReditor
 Stan is an industry-proven professional with a wide range of experience in production, post-production, live events and broadcasts. Breaking into entertainment through Mixed Martial Arts, he went on to work extensively in Action Sports, Travel Adventure, Reality TV, Documentaries, Brand Marketing, and Social Media Content. Growing up in Hawai'i exposed Stan to a variety of cultures, which enables him to view the world through multiple perspectives. His fluid outlook continues to inspire his craft as a Director, Producer, and Editor.

Developing UHD workflows for narrative series and independent features, he quickly realized that technology must be leveraged in order to unleash the creative power that can best serve the growing media marketplace. In December 2015, while working a televised live event that required immediate editing and rebroadcasting, he conceived of Chop Shop Media and visualized transforming the way video editing could and should be done. Now his Cloud-based remote post-production team is a reality, and the possibilities are endless.
 Evan’s documentary career grew its strong roots as a lead filmmaker and Executive Director for Former Vice President Al Gore’s Emmy Award-winning documentary Channel CURRENT TV. 130 Short form documentaries on hard-hitting social issues earned him 20 major awards, including a Gold Hugo Award for Fully Automatic America. As an Editor, he was nominated Editor of the Year with MTV, and as a Director of Photography, he sets the look for Discovery Channels Expedition Unknown. A well-rounded storyteller with over 25 years of experience.

Evan is also one of the best action sports and adventure travel filmmakers there is. From producing live broadcast segments in 50-foot surf to African hunting safaris with native tribesmen, his passion for the craft of storytelling sets his artistry apart from others. 
Evan B. Stone
Chop Shop Media
Director // PReditor
Sean Perrotti
Chop Shop Media
  Sean's an energetic and creatively accomplished video editor with a proven track record of managing successful projects. With seventeen years of experience in numerous media industries including television, film, trailers, action sports, advertisement, scripted and non-scripted media for HBO, Red Bull, Netflix Originals, Universal, and many cable and network-affiliated television, he consistently meets deadlines and delivers exceptional work. His in-depth professional experience and outgoing personality enable him to bring a fresh style to his edits. 
 Nick Koldenhoven is a seasoned professional with eight+ years of experience focusing on all aspects
of filmmaking. As an editor and producer, Nick has brought countless projects to life with a passion for storytelling and authenticity. Technically savvy in the realm of post-production, he's very reliable when it comes to implementing and adapting workflows for numerous projects with tight deadlines. He is always cool and professional under pressure. Being an outdoor enthusiast inspires the way he shoots and edits, and his work in adventure action sports shows it.  
Nick Koldenholden
Chop Shop Media
Brandon Hardin
Chop Shop Media
 Brandon is an exceptionally well rounded and talented PReditor who can cut anything and make it look great. He's trusted to deliver the highest quality edits with a full suite of style and professionalism. On a wide range of content whether it be reality tv, drama, comedy, sports, corporate video or documentaries, he brings the edit home. He also has great taste in music and recently produced and edited the critically acclaimed feature film "Enlarged to Show Detail 3", that documents the career of alternative rock-reggae band 311.

His vast experience in the post-production arena and technical background lead him to jump into the world of Virtual Reality. There he's worked with gamers and influencers while creating new post workflows. 
 Matthew Hickney is a natural-born storyteller and has been a filmmaker for the majority of his life. In 2009, he released his first self-produced feature-length film, a documentary titled; "Walking to the Cage". Critically acclaimed, it won several awards on the festival circuit and was picked up by HULU for seven years. For over a decade, he's worked extensively as a Shooter/Editor crafting finely tuned narrative and documentary cinema for Television and Film. 

Playing different roles in a variety of content ranging from Writer/Director of award-winning independent short films to Producer of field segments on shows broadcasted to millions of homes, often working with some of the biggest networks/studios in the industry. An experienced "Preditor" with a demonstrated history of success in the Film and Television industry, he can Write, Produce, Direct, Shoot, and Edit. He is also a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu...

Matthew Hickney
Chop Shop Media
How We Work
We help you get up and running with a few simple steps and we take care of everything else.
Flat Rate | À la carte, Plans | No Contracts 
Upload your Media.
You'll never have to deal with the pain of hiring editors, editing, or learning software again. Just upload your media to your personal Chop Shop account or share your Dropbox with us and we'll handle the rest. 

Don't have footage? No problem! When you join Chop Shop Media, you'll have instant access to thousands of FREE video clips, photos, and music that we will create your new custom video with.
We Edit your Media.
As soon as we receive your footage, our award-winning post-production team will begin processing and editing your media into the video you'll use to market your products and services or to inform and grow your audience. 

We'll also work closely with you step by step to design a custom video from scratch. Don't have time for that? Not a problem! Just fill out our quick, intuitive questionnaire, and we'll take it from there. 
We Data your Media.
Upon delivering your videos (in any and every format you need), you'll also have access to comprehensive, in-depth market data on each of your videos. You'll know when, where, and how long people watch your videos. We can also capture leads, insert ads, and create calls-to-action within your videos.

That's not all; we'll even host a custom landing page designed for your specific marketing needs.  
À la carte means that you only pay for what you use
**NO RISK** 14 Day Money Back Guarantee!!
You Are Our V.I.P.
Fast and reliable support available for you around the clock
This is what our clients and collaborators say about us.
“As a cinematographer, the day to day demands from production can go from one end of the spectrum to the other.

Having a strong post-production team such as Chop Shop Media lightens the load and alleviates pressure from shooting the project, all the way to post their support is second to none. There's no other editing service I trust or rely on more. Especially with the rising demands of Social Media Content." 

Danny Alaniz
Director of Photography
I.A.T.S.E. | Local 600 | SOC

Stan consistently delivered incredible work in a timely manner. Stan can shoot, edit, mix and do graphics, but most importantly, he does it all with a producer's mindset so he's able to "nail it" the first time around. He doesn't waste time shooting or editing things that just aren't relevant. He cuts to the chase, gets the job done, and always impresses with his work.

In 20 years of production and post I've built up a very short list of creative professionals that I trust completely. Stan is on this list." 

Nathan Adams
Director, Digital Media - Warner Bros Worldwide TV Marketing
“Not many people I work with in the field have the all around skills that Matt does. He has a great eye and technical ability behind the camera, as well as a strong sense of purpose and style in his editing. He is the whole package. 

 His passion, humor and overall warm presence make him an absolute joy to work with. Whoever has him on their team is working with the best.“

Amanda Salas
Television Personality - FOX LA
I worked with Stan on a seven day documentary film shoot with ridiculous hours, tough conditions and pressure. He demonstrated the highest level of professionalism and good humor for the duration of the production. Stan is someone I would be delighted to work with again.” 
Ian Adamson
President, World OCR, Fédération Internationale de Sports d’Obstacles (FISO)

Stan, you are the MAN! You went above and beyond for the Air & Style project. It was much appreciated."

Erica Ciccone Clancy
Head of Production - Transition Productions
Hard work. You are the hardest and most dedicated person I have worked with when it comes to your projects. Whether it is in your garden or editing a million dollar documentary you are obsessed with perfection. I admire the fact that when I give you a project I know that when it is finished, YOU say its finished.” 
Evan B. Stone
Producer - Expedition Unknown
We were lucky to have Matt’s Direction in the creation of our ten year anniversary ad campaign. He has a great eye, anticipates what his clients want, and best of all---- gets the realities of mixing creativity with business objectives."
Mitch. Robinson
Marketing & Business
Operations Manager
- Click! Cable TV
Stan is one of the most talented editors I have worked with. He knows how to lay out a solid story and cuts great action sequences. Stan is also very savvy on the technical and organizational side, which is a must for a smooth work flow.”

Mike Hatchet
Film Director / CEO Standard Films

"If you need to elevate your message or brand through video / film, then Matthew Hickney is your man. His work has boosted our profile and helps tell the People’s Chemist story in ways that is truly remarkable. He is the all-in-one package and I am lucky to be working with him. Wether producing on the fly out in the field, or creating an engaging story in the edit room, he’s a consummate professional with endless passion. I wouldn’t make a film or YouTube video without him.”

Shane Ellison
CEO, The People’s Chemist

I've worked with Matt on dozens of projects over the last 10 years. From our very first feature doc together, to our most recent commercial shoot for Lancome...Matt is always an integral part of the creative team.

He is one of those people forever on my shortlist. My number one go-to shooter, editor, and a valuable collaborator in every case. He has a great eye, a great sense of rhythm and story, and he knows how to quickly deliver a quality product no matter who the client."

Dave Hagen
VP Production - ReachTV
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